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How Emotional Intelligence Led Me To A Happier Life

Through the lens of emotional intelligence, I gained clarity, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose, and that helped me embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth and fulfilment.


Life is a constant journey of self-discovery and growth, and at certain points, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads, contemplating whether to continue along a well-trodden path or veer off into the unknown.

It was during one such pivotal moment that I discovered the immense power of emotional intelligence, ultimately leading me to make the life-altering decision to quit my full-time job.

This blog is about the role emotional intelligence played in helping me pursue a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Emotional intelligence and my inner voice

For years, I had followed a conventional path, chasing success in a career that promised stability and financial security. However, deep within, I felt a growing disconnect- an inexplicable emptiness that no promotion or paycheck could fill. It was then that I stumbled upon the concept of emotional intelligence, the ability to recognise, understand and manage one's emotions as well as the emotions of others. This newfound awareness struck a chord within me, urging me to explore my emotions and the impact they had on my life.

As I delved deeper into emotional intelligence, I began to understand the importance of introspection and listening to my inner voice. I realised that my unhappiness stemmed from the misalignment between my true passions and the demands of my full-time job. Through emotional intelligence, I learned to identify my core values and aspirations. This newfound self-awareness has led me to make decisions that truly reflect who I am and what I want to achieve.

Emotional intelligence also illuminated the toll that my then full-time job was taking on my overall well-being. I became acutely aware of the stress, burnout and lack of fulfilment that had seeped into various aspects of my life. Recognising the detrimental impact of these factors on my mental, emotional, and even physical health, I knew it was time to prioritise self-care and seek a path that nurtured my well-being rather than drained it.

Quitting a full-time job is undoubtedly daunting, particularly when societal expectations and financial obligations loom large. However, emotional intelligence empowered me with the courage to take charge of my own happiness.

I learned to trust my instincts, leverage my strengths, and embrace uncertainty as an opportunity for growth and personal development. This newfound courage became the driving force behind my decision to step away from the familiar and venture into the realm of possibilities.

Embracing a life aligned with my values and passion

By leaving my full-time job, I opened up space for new beginnings and a life more aligned with my values. Emotional intelligence allowed me to recognise that success should not be solely measured by material possessions or societal norms. Instead, it should be rooted in authenticity, personal growth and the pursuit of genuine happiness.

I discovered the importance of finding work that not only provides financial stability but also ignites passion and purpose.

Also, I opened up a world of possibilities for myself as I explored new avenues that are aligned with my passion. Emotional intelligence enabled me to embrace curiosity and open-mindedness, as I ventured into unfamiliar territories. It encouraged me to take calculated risks, try new things and seize opportunities that resonated with me. By trusting my intuition and remaining adaptable, I discovered unexpected avenues for personal and professional growth.

Challenges and support system

Embracing emotional intelligence and making the decision to quit my full-time job was not without its challenges and doubts. There were moments of uncertainty, fear of the unknown, and concerns about financial stability. However, emotional intelligence equipped me with the tools to navigate these obstacles effectively.

I learned to manage my fears by reframing them as opportunities for personal growth and resilience. Recognising and acknowledging my emotions allowed me to confront them directly. This newfound courage fueled my ability to navigate challenges and keep moving forward.

Throughout my journey, I realised the importance of surrounding myself with a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Emotional intelligence helped me identify those who truly understood and supported my decision to pursue a more fulfilling life. These individuals served as pillars of strength, providing guidance, encouragement and practical advice. Whether it was family or friends, their unwavering support played a vital role in bolstering my confidence and helping me stay true to my path.

Celebrating growth and success

One of the greatest gifts emotional intelligence offered was the ability to prioritise self-care and well-being. As I transitioned away from my full-time job, I recognised the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and engaging in activities that nourished my mind, body, and soul. Emotional intelligence reminded me to listen to my body's signals and establish boundaries that protected my mental and emotional well-being. Through self-reflection and self-compassion, I created a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle that promoted overall happiness and resilience.

The decision to quit my full-time job became a catalyst for profound personal growth. Emotional intelligence allowed me to reflect on my journey and celebrate the milestones and accomplishments along the way, no matter how big or small they might be.

I recognised that success was not solely defined by external achievements, but also by the progress I made in developing my emotional intelligence, resilience and self-awareness. With each step forward, I celebrated both the big and small victories, and I reveled in the transformation my decision brought, a positive ripple effect through my life.


In embracing emotional intelligence and having the courage to quit my full-time job, I embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth and fulfilment. It was through the lens of emotional intelligence that I gained clarity, resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.

Today, I am living a life that aligns with my values, passion and true potential.

I encourage everyone to embrace emotional intelligence, listen to their inner voice, and have the courage to pursue a life that brings them authentic joy, fulfilment and a deep sense of purpose.


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