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My Thoughts on All Things Corporate, Leadership, Professional & People Development

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi! I'm Kenneth, the Founder of KACE Consultants. I am an experienced corporate director who has over 20 years of corporate management experience. I am also an effective executive coach where I leverage on my corporate background, experience and knowledge to help leaders and people develop, who in turn will be able to help their organisations grow and succeed. In the spirit of giving back, I aspire to be an enabler and a positive change catalyst for people from all walks of life and the organisations they represent. My blog will capture my thoughts on all things related to corporate, leadership, professional and people development.

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It would mean a great deal to me if we connected on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. True to the saying 'no man (or woman) is an island', we as human beings grow and develop better collectively as a group.

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