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Turning Passion Into Purpose

Just go on and enjoy pursuing your every passion. The time will eventually come when all the stars align, and your passion turns into your purpose.

My passion

Those how know me well are aware of my many passions. I’m passionate about developing executives and leaders through coaching and mentoring, collecting and enjoying wines from all around the world, collecting and wearing both vintage and modern watches, making Chinese-style roast pork especially the crispy crackling, painting abstract art using various tools, keeping fit by lifting weights and running, etc. I know these are my passions as they get me excited and I love the gush of energy flowing through me each time I do something related to them. My passions make me happy!

Why is passion important?

Passion is important simply because it helps give meaning to life. Your passion motivates you to keep learning about it and doing it better, and developing new skills and other forms of mastery surrounding it, which will in turn keep you excited.

Also, passions are critical to your mental health and overall well-being as they help you stay positive and focused. When you pursue your passion, you’re more likely to engage with other similarly passionate persons and groups where all of you can support each other and grow together. In a nutshell, doing work with passion leads to higher job satisfaction that ultimately makes you happy!

My purpose

What’s my purpose? Honestly, I didn’t use to have one. But now I do and I’m grateful that my purpose keeps me grounded.

My purpose is to help shape and develop executives and leaders to become better versions of themselves so that they can easily navigate the intricacies of corporate life and achieve success. I do this by being fully present and listening actively to them, generously sharing my knowledge and experience with them, and becoming a positive/inspiring change catalyst to them.

What exactly is purpose and how is it different from passion?

Purpose is the reason behind a passion and how you contribute/serve others. Purpose is outward looking as it is for others and the ‘why’ you do what you do. Passion on the other hand is inward looking as it is for yourself and the ‘what’ you enjoy doing.

What about the 'how'?

Besides the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, it’s interesting to note that there’s also the ‘how’ from the above. Do you know ‘how’ I pursue my ‘why’?

Very often, the ‘how’ is left out of the equation as people tend to focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. Personally, the ‘how’ is equally important as it represents the tools in helping you achieve you ‘why’. Without specifically knowing the ‘how’, your ‘why’ journey may not be as clear or smooth.

Turning passion into purpose

I’m grateful and happy that one of my passions eventually became my purpose.

It wasn’t clear to me initially and I discovered it by chance after a while. The more I pursued knowledge and competencies via certification courses and thereafter practiced what I’ve learned to help develop executives and leaders, the clearer my purpose became. Also, my corporate background and experience come in handy as I am able to not only apply but also value add to my purpose. Looking back, things just fell into place and aligned my passion with my purpose, making my life purposeful and meaningful.


Although people have many passions in life, not all are able or fortunate enough to turn their passions into purpose. Just go on and enjoy pursuing your every passion. The time will eventually come when all the stars align, and your passion turns into your purpose.


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